Zouq Curry Crunch 3.17 oz

Sweet and sour trail mix. An exotic healthy snack. 0% trans fat. Gluten free. No cholesterol. MSG free. Natural: No artificial ingredients. Share your food. Share your cultures. www.zouq.com. A potpourri of sweet and sour taste harmoniously blended with rice flakes, chick peas flour, peanuts and turmeric powder. What fun! Sweet. Sour. Lively. The discovery of exotic flavors. Vegan. No artificial colors. No artificial flavors. Approx 3 servings per container. Zoug takes you on a romantic, mysterious, and magical journey to the world of exotic flavors. Zouq is where you share your love for food adventure, connect to all who love exploring new food experiences, and where you cherish food memories from other cultures. Share your story and discover the world of flavors at www.zouq.com. Product of India.