Summerdown Peppermint Creams, Chocolate

Great taste, gold 2011. Pure mint. English mint was famous for centuries as the best in the world - the French still call peppermint menthe Anglaise, or English mint. Sadly, changes in farming during the 20th century meant that cultivation died out. Pure peppermint oil is distilled in our purpose-built refinery from leaves grown in our own mint fields. The result is a rare, single-estate peppermint oil with a soft, lingering taste. It has a cooler, more intense flavour and scent than other varieties - a property that makes it highly-prized by aromatherapists. Summerdown has reintroduced traditional black Mitchum peppermint, relearning lost skills and combining them with the latest production techniques at our Hampshire farm. The taste of Summerdown is mint as your great-grandparents knew it - a taste that has been lost for generations. Fresh, smooth and bright, it is very different from the harsher, blended imported mint of recent years. Chocolate and mint have been a classic marriage since 1674, when a fashionable London caf invented the combination - a truly English experience that Summerdown has now recreated for the 21st century. Unique aromatic subtle lingering cool fresh delicious pure mint. These chocolates should reach you in perfect condition. If you are not completely satisfied, please return the box and its contents to us indicating where and when it was purchased. Applies in the UK only. Dark chocolate contains minimum cocoa solids 55%.