Spring Water 16 oz

Naturally alkaline 8.5 pH. & electrolytes. Pristine rocky mountain spring water. I Have the Future: In my hand family. I am Proud: I think ahead & give back. I am the Source: The ripple effect starts with me. I am Water: I flow and sustain. I will leave th world better than I found it. Naturally premium water filtered in the pristine rocky mountains. Our alkaline water delivers essential minerals and electrolytes. Sealed at the source, proud source water delivers great taste in a sustainable package. Our business practices are pure and transparent like our water. We uphold the highest standards with conscious responsibility for our planet. Let's stop single-use plastic. 1% for the planet. Alkaline water. Electrolytes + minerals. BPA-free liner. Infinitely recyclable. Fund outdoor clean-ups. For questions or report on water quality & information 1-855-H2-pr-0-ud or productsourcewater.com. Please recycle.