Pet Stages Chewing Dental Health Chews, Cat

Products with purpose. Helps clean teeth and massage gums to improve dental health. Netting removes soft tartar and will not unravel when chewed. Fibrous catnip stalks satisfies natural desire to crunch and chew. Thoughtfully designed for cats of all ages. Dental health is an important concern for cats. The Dental Health Chews have a unique netting cover that removes soft tartar and massages gums as your cat chews and plays, satisfying her natural desire to crunch and chew. Unique netting cover will not unravel. Netting removes soft tartar as cat chews. Filled with catnip and fibrous cat nip stalks. Lightweight to bat, carry and chew. Knotted streamers for added fun. A quick guide to your cat's chewing needs: Your kitten is chewing to massage tender gums, develop chewing muscles and loosen kitty teeth. Your kitten needs appropriate objects that satisfy need to chew, while protecting tender gums. Your adult cat is at a higher risk of dental problems, due to increasing age and tartar on teeth. Your adult cat needs help in cleaning away tartar that can lead to dental problems, as well as massaging gums. Your senior cat is at high risk for bad breath and gum disease, resulting in tooth loss. Your senior cat needs help in exercising jaw muscles, cleaning teeth and gums. Veterinarian approved. Made in China.