NurturMe Organic Ancient Grain Cookies Honey

NurturMe Organic Ancient Grain Cookies Honey. Tummy friendly snacks. USDA Organic. Gluten free. Toddler +kid. Daily serving of probiotics. Organic + gluten free. No gluten, dairy, soy, egg. Fun shapes for learning and play. Net wt 4.3 oz (122g). 1% for Nortur Ninos. Giving back to peruvian kids. Certified Organic, Quality Assurance International. Certified Organic by QAI. No rice or wheat. Whole grain cookie. Delicious and nutritious. Fun shapes for learning + play. Non GMO. BPA free. The Tummy Friendly Brand™: At NurturMe, we're all about keeping little tummies happy and healthy. Our products are designed to help take the worry out of feeding your little one by removing common allergens that can upset sensitive bellies and promoting good digestive health. Plus: daily recommended dose of probiotics in each serving. Minus: gluten, dairy, soy, egg. Why ancient grains Combining 4 nutrient-packed grains to create the perfect gluten-free cookie. Quinoa: complete and balanced protein with all 9 essential amino acids. Amaranth: easily digestible, good for both brain and eye development. Millet: prevents constipation and builds strong muscles and healthy bones. Sorghum: good for heart and bone health and constipation. Perfect snack for growing tots + kids: Your child is ready when: + Crawls with tummy off the floor. + Begins to self-feed with fingers. + Uses jaw to mash food. Learn more at