1 Pint 280 calories. 7 g net carbs per serving (Net carbs = total carbohydrates - fiber - polyols – allulose). Light Ice cream (Contains 67% fewer calories than regular ice cream [Nick’s Cookies and Kram Light Ice Cream contains 70 calories compared to 223 calories in regular ice cream]). No sugar added (See nutrition facts for calorie and sugar content. FDA does not list allulose as sugar in nutrition facts labels). Did someone say kram? The first thing you should know about us: We love cream. A close second: Cookies! This all-Amerikan classic has just one teeny, Swedish, improvement-it has wayyy less calories. When you get a taste of one insanely kramy, cookiefull bite, you'll want to kram the whole pint. Sa creamy! Instagram. Twitter. Facebook. (hashtag)nicksicecreams.