New Chapter Force Turmeric, Vegetarian Capsules

Dietary Supplement. Gluten free; 100% vegetarian; no artificial flavors or colors. NSF certified gluten-free. 100% vegetarian. Non GMO Project verified. Non-GMO verified formula. Turmeric promotes healthy inflammation response and supports heart & brain health. Formulated with whole-food turmeric for optimal absorption: Nature's True Proportions. New Chapter's Guiding Principles: To deliver the wisdom of nature thus relieving suffering and promoting optimal health. To advance the organic mission, nourishing body and soul with the healing intelligence of pure whole foods and herbal supplements. To nurture and sustain Mother Earth, the source of natural healing. To honor and reward personal growth, for enlightened teamwork depends on the vitality of every member of the New Chapter family. Discover the Turmeric Force Difference. Nature's True Proportions: New Chapter believes nature got it right the first time. While many other Turmeric supplements only give you isolated Curcumin extract, Turmeric Force delivers hundreds of compounds in the balance that nature intended, complete with Curcumin as well as Turmerones from the herb's essential oils. Because we formulated with whole Turmeric, your body is able to optimally absorb all of the herb's beneficial compounds. We call this delivering the wisdom of nature. Finest Quality: New Chapter travels the globe to source pure and potent Turmeric from where it grows best, including from organic farms in India. We work with farmers who practice breakthrough regenerative techniques that yield the finest quality Turmeric while supporting people and planet. New Chapter's Turmeric Force: curcumin; non-GMO project verified; turmerones; 100s of phytonutrients; no additives; naturally brilliant color. Supports heart, brain and healthy inflammation response. Natural Inflammation Response: Turmeric has been shown to help maintain a healthy inflammation response and is one of the most studied botanicals in modern science. Supports Brain Health: Turmeric supports healthy cognitive function such as working memory, which is the ability to retain and recall information during short-term tasks. Heart Healthy: Turmeric has been clinically tested to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels already in a normal range, a process that supports cardiovascular health. Pure & Potent Extracts: Our sustainably sourced, 100% vegetarian capsules keep the herbs pure & potent and dissolve quickly so the herbs are rapidly available for absorption. Full-Spectrum Potent Extracts: One capsule is made from 6,200 mg of turmeric rhizome. For questions or comments call 888-874-4461. Certified B Corporation. New Chapter is proud to be a Certified B Corp, using business as a force for good. (These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.)