Straus Milk, Whole, Organic 1 Qt

Grade A. From our family farms. We use no hormones, antibiotics or pesticides. Marshall, California. Our organic family farms are located on the cool Northern California coast. Our cows are never treated with antibiotics or hormones. Whole milk - our milk has not been homogenized so the cream floats naturally to the top. Shake before pouring or scoop off the cream for a special treat. Non-GMO Project Verified. CCOF - California Certified Organic Farmers. USDA Organic. Cream-top. Kosher by KSA-D. Certified organic by CCOF. The Organic & Non-GMO Original. Straus Family Creamery was the first certified organic dairy and creamery west of the Mississippi. We're the nation's first creamery to achieve Non-GMO Project Verification, confirming our commitment to produce food without GMOs. We still do things the old-fashioned way: churn butter in batches, make yogurt in the vat, and bottle milk in glass with cream rising to the top. Please rinse & return bottle to store for deposit.