Miami Onion Roll Bread, Challah

Our Challah Bread was first produced in Miami Florida by my father Isadore Davis, and were originally sold to hotels, delicatessens and restaurants. After many years in Florida my family moved to New York City and opened a bakery on Second Avenue & 86th Street, then, later, in Paterson, NJ. In 1985 the business was incorporated as Miami Onion Roll Company. Today our Challah Bread can be found in better supermarkets from coast to coast. My father would be proud that the family tradition still continues. Any questions or comments please call me at 1-800-843-7055. My name is Harriet Davis and I am the President of the Miami Onion Roll Company. Our Challah Bread makes the best French toast! Have you tried our Miami Onion Rolls? They are also located at the in-store bakery of your favorite supermarket. We follow the same recipe that my father Isadore first made famous back in 1950 in Miami Florida. They are made with our special blend of fresh Red Spanish and Sweet White Onions, and just like our Challah Bread, only the finest ingredients are ever used.