Melissa & Doug Classic Toy See & Spell

Ages 4+. Includes 8 double-sided spelling boards and over 50 wooden letters. Helps teach letter and picture recognition as well as letter sounds, color recognition and fine motor skills; encourages problem solving and beginning spelling skills. Extension Activities: Give the child one of each letter a through z. Ask the child to place the letters in alphabetical order. Once the child has successfully completed the alphabet, ask him/her to identify the color of each letter. Place the letters at on a flat surface. Ask the child if there are words he/she is able to spell by placing a single letter in front of the at. For example: bat, cat, fat, hat, mat, pat, rat, sat or vat. Try other word endings like ad, an or ame. Place eight boards in front of the child. Repeat an initial letter sound. Ask the child to remove any board(s) with that initial sound. Repeat the activity until all the panels have been removed. Allow the child to choose either side of any panel. Ask him/her to identify the letters needed to spell the word and to repeat the image's initial letter sound. Melissa & Doug products meet or exceed all US toy testing standards and pass our high quality requirements. We love feedback! Call us: 1.800.284.3948. TSCA Title VI compliant for formaldehyde. Made in China.