Maxine's Heavenly Soft-Baked Cinnamon Oatmeal Raisin Cookies 7.2 oz

Sweetened with coconut sugar & dates. Per Serving: only 6 g sugar. Certified Vegan. Certified Gluten-Free. gluten free. Soy free. Plant based. Non GMO. Non GMO Project verified. Homemade style. Mom's treats made for today. The perfect treat to sweeten life's special moments. Our mom made the best cookies. And like all good cookies, they were steeped in love and tradition. Today, we know a lot more about healthy eating than we did when our mom was baking. But we didn't want to miss out on making memories with family. We wanted cookies that could nourish both the heart and the body. So we adapted her recipe to reflect today's values. The result is a taste as decadent and delicious as mom's but with ingredients designed for today. Tell us who you shared your cookies with. Instagram. Snap a pic and tag us on Instagram: (at)maxinesheavenly.