Lundberg® Mendocino Tomato & Herb Multigrain Chips 1.5 oz. Bag

Made with organic grains, seeds, and beans: Amaranth, brown rice, chia, corn, flax, garbanzo beans, millet, red & white quinoa. Whole Grain Stamp: 27g or more per serving. Warm California sun and cool ocean breezes remind us of running along the coast in Mendocino County. The unmistakable scent of freshly grown herbs blowing in the wind moved us to create a multigrain chip seasoned with a blend of tomatoes and basil, capturing the essence of this quaint coastal community. The wonderful combination of grains and herbs make this chip exceptional. We've taken our first love, organic brown rice, and blended it with organic favorites like red & white quinoa, amaranth, corn, and millet, and we couldn't resist tossing in some garbanzo beans, chia, and flax seeds. Then we added some tomato and herbs to spice up this light and crunchy multigrain chip! Here at Lundberg Family Farms, we've been producing high-quality, natural and organic products since 1937. It's been our passion for over three generations. We've grown our rice sustainably, long before anyone used the word, by conserving water resources, building soil integrity, and supporting a healthier ecosystem. We pride ourselves on making great-tasting products that are good for you and the environment. Non-GMO Project Verified Vegan Gluten-Free Kosher Certified Organic