LiceFreee Lice Killing Hair Gel

Non-toxic. Kills lice & nits through dehydration. Patented metal comb eliminates dead lice & nits. Pesticide free, homeopathic formula. America's No. 1 non-toxic brand (No. 1 selling non-toxic pediculicide, Source: IRI Food, Drug and Mass June 15, 2008). Includes stainless steel comb. 3 easy steps! Apply gel as directed, comb out dead lice and nits, then rinse hair with water. When used as directed, your child will be lice free and able to return to school. Finally, a safe way to kill lice without potentially toxic pesticides. Why Choose Licefreee! Gel: non-toxic; kills lice & nits; metal comb included; no pesticide resistance; pesticide free; pleasant scent; safe for repeated use; environmentally safe. Licefreee! Gel Is: 100% effective metal comb recommended by school nurses and pharmacists; Does not contain harmful pesticides (Permethrin, pyrethrum or lindane; Patented formula kills lice and nits through dehydration; Herbal spice scent makes application pleasant for parent and child; Safe for repeated applications, you do not have to wait 7-10 days.