KA-ME Vietnamese Pho Express Rice Noodles

Gluten free. Fresh cooked noodles. Heat and serve. 2 minutes wok or skillet. 90 seconds microwave. Steeped in tradition, Vietnamese cuisine combines an array of flavors, ingredients and aromas. Pho noodle soup, a favorite in the city of Hanoi, combines a steaming broth perfumed with ginger, anise and pungent fish sauce, served over flat rice noodles and chicken or beef, Pho rice noodles are also used in stir-fries. Ka-Me express rice noodles are routinely tested to ensure there is less than 5 parts per million gluten. panosbrands.com. kame.com. Discover simple recipes and learn more about Ka-Me Asian foods; snap the code or visit kame.com. Product of China.