Host Cocktail Shaker, 5-in-1, 18 Ounce

532 ml. 5-in-1: mix; juice; measure; strain; open. Barseries. Shake things up with this cocktail. crafting power house. The Host Cocktail Shaker delivers form and function with a built-in juicer, strainer, jigger, and bottle opener in one stylish package. Flip the straining cap upside down to juice directly into the shaker body, or attach the juicer to the jigger cap for a more precise measurement. Easy Open: Pull up like a hing. Mix: 18 oz cocktail shaker with oz & ml markings. Juice: Built-in citrus reamer. Measure: Jigger with oz & ml measurements. Strain: Built-in cocktail strainer. Open: Integrated stainless steel bottle opener. Dishwasher safe. Product of China.