Oregano Oil - 1 oz.

Aroma:  Spicy, camphoraceous. Benefits:  Purifying, comforting, invigorating. Ingredients: Pure oregano oil.   Natural essential oils are highly concentrated and should be used with care.   Caution:  Not for internal or topical use at this strength; never use undiluted. Avoid contact with skin or eyes. Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant or lactating, consult your healthcare practitioner before using.   Mixes Well With: chamomile oil, eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil or spearmint oil.   Extraction Method:  Steam Distilled from dried flowering herb.   Physical Characteristics: Specific Gravity: 0.937-0.955 Refractive Index: 1.498-1.521   Purity Tested/Quality Assured