Olbas Lozenges Maximum Strength Black Currant - 24 CT

Olbas® Lozenges. Maximum strength. Sugar free, black currant flavor, fights coughs, soothes sore throats. 24 Lozenges. Olbas® Lozenges. These tasty Black Currant lozenges help you fight coughs due to colds and minor bronchial irritation. They also have a natural anesthetic action that provides instant, cool, soothing relief for sore throats. Take one and breathe in deeply... you will notice almost immediately how the powerful, cooling vapors give you an intense feeling of increased airflow in your lungs and sinuses! Features soothing Menthol, Eucalyptus and Vitamin C - a key immune system nutrient, and a potent free-radical fighter. Sugar-free, gluten free, vegetarian friendly, no added color. www.Olbas.com.