91.44 m. Premium dental floss. With all-natural essential oils and enzymes. Helps eliminate plaque. 100% Vegan waxed. No beeswax. No mineral wax. Reduces tooth decay. Freshens breath. Gentler flossing. No plastic box. Recyclable. Biodegradable. Economical - 100 yards. Lower cost per flossing. Less packaging waste. Better for your teeth & your planet! As many as 700 million plastic floss containers are discarded each year! As much as 9 million pounds of non-renewable, non-recycled floss containers - not to mention wasteful secondary packaging, like boxes and blister-cards - end up in our already over-crowded landfills each year. Only Eco-Dent GentleFloss offers you an alternative to his incredible packaging waste! Certified CCIC. Made in the USA.