H2Rose Rose Water Beverage, Apple

With the power of saffron. Drink and be beautiful. 40 calories per bottle. Kosher. GMO free. Vegan compliant. Gluten free. 20% juice. 2000 Years in the Making: H2rOse brings you the benefits of roses and saffron in a bottle. Rose water dates back to ancient history and was used by Cleopatra and Michelangelo because of its powerful and enriching effects. Based on a traditional family recipe, H2rOse provides a crisp, light and refreshing taste. Twist open your favorite flavor and reap all the benefits of true healthy hydration. Internal seals created by H2rOse. To learn more please visit us at www.drinkH2rOse.com. Facebook; Instagram (at)H2rOse. Please recycle. USA. Bottled in CA. California Republic.