Gt's Probiotic Cider, Sparkling, Guayusa Turmeric 16 Oz

Live probiotics. Raw vinegar. Plant adaptogens. Living food for the living body. Aspire. Attune. Awaken. Abundance. Amaze. Arise. Live Alive: Living your life to the fullest is a daily practice, and it takes self-care. That's why I've thoughtfully crafted this raw probiotic cider. By harnessing the power of Mother Nature, you'll have a calm mind, an energized body, and a vibrant spirit so you feel more alive. - GT Dave, Founder. What's Inside: Live Probiotics: friendly gut bacteria that nurture and aid healthy digestion. Raw Apple Cider Vinegar: provides digestive support and a balanced pH. Trio of Medicinal Mushrooms: chaga, reishi, and turkey tail work with your body to support a healthy system. Loose Leaf Tea: premium Guayusa tea from Ecuador is gentle on the stomach and contains polyphenols. Made with whole ingredients so settling may occur. Contact us: Toll-Free: 877.735.8423. Website: Please recycle.