Loacker Quadratini Hazelnut Wafer Cookies Bite Size 8.82 oz

New recipe 10% more hazelnuts in the cream. No added colors. Pure goodness from Tyrol since 1925. No. 1 in Italy. Che bonta! means pure goodness! with every bite, since 1925. It may be our long tradition of pastry-making and the way we bring out the best from our meticulously sourced, high-quality ingredients. It may be the way we bake our specialties high up in the mountains - over 3,000 feet above sea level - with a deep respect for nature. Or the way we pack each delicious treat fresh out of the oven to preserve its full flavor. It may be because in all we do at Loacker, goodness is a choice. No preservatives. More than good (Our Hazelnut cream now contains 10% more hazelnuts, giving it a truly rich taste. Thanks to our Italian Hazelnut Orchards project, we grow and select these precious fruits, supporting our farmers and the local economy. Then we roast them in-house at Loacker, with great care, to protect and preserve their quality). With 100% exquisite Italian Hazelnuts freshly roasted by Loacker. Respect. Dispose of properly.