Vegan Rob's Cauliflower Sorghum Puffs 1.25 oz

Certified Vegan. Certified Gluten free. Non GMO ingredients. Go vegan! Plants based. With probiotics. Live & enjoy. Go vegan! Vegan Rob's cauliflower puffs are delicious, crunchy and so yum! they are a good source of vitamin c and an excellent source of thiamine and riboflavin just one bite and you will fall in love! Take a deep breath, exhale, focus on the moment and what you are doing for yourself feed your inner soul by reducing stress and anxiety with the crunch! Vegan Rob's puffs are made with Organic sorghum, an environmental friendly, drought resistant crop, eating our pant- based snacks is better for everyone and supports your compassion for all life. At Vegan Rob's we are dedicator to you and your family by creating snacks that help define who you are, love your self, our planet, and all living things. snack as clean and kind as possible. Share the love, send a case. Connect with us (at)veganrobs. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Questions: info(at) Made in the USA.