Merci Chocolates, Assorted

Milk Chocolate: Solid milk chocolate at its smooth, creamy European best. Coffee and Cream: Rich, coffee flavored dark chocolate, atop a white chocolate base. Hazelnut Almond: Delicate pieces of hazelnuts and almonds in smooth milk chocolate. Hazelnut Creme: Milk chocolate filled with a smooth creamy hazelnut cream. Marzipan: Marzipan, with its rich almond flavor, inside smooth dark chocolate. Dark Cream: Smooth, rich, melt-in-you-mouth dark chocolate. Dark Mousse: Fluffy chocolate mousse wrapped in rich dark chocolate. Praline Creme: Luscious milk chocolate with a smooth chocolate praline center. Finest assortment of European chocolates. 8 varieties of rich European chocolate. 32 individually wrapped pieces. Part of your world. Made in Germany by August Storck KG for Storck USA LP.