Bauli Il Panettone, Di Milano

Authentic Italian. All natural. Real butter. Ready to eat. Free gift! Recipe booklet included inside. No artificial colors flavors or preservatives. Every day is a holiday! Oven baked cake. Baking Italian specialties since 1922. That's when Ruggero Bauli began as a baker's boy in Verona. After surviving a shipwreck during a move to America, Ruggero worked hard to master the confectionery arts. He then returned home and opened his own shop, where he perfected a large-scale technique to faithfully produce his artisanal recipes. Ruggero's passion led him one Christmas to create the ultimate Panettone, a holiday cake from Milan that's loved by Italians. The Bauli Panettone all-natural is made with simple ingredients - butter, sugar and eggs - along with sweet raisins and glazed orange peels. 100% free of chemicals, it is leavened using a mother dough that allows it to rise naturally, keeping it fresh for much longer than regular bread or cakes - with absolutely no preservatives. No wonder Bauli has been the leader in Italy for more than 40 years! Questions or comments? Find out more at Any comments? Product of Italy.