Groom Genie Dog Brush Large

Groom Genie™. Calms. Grooms. Fast. Works on any fur, hair and pet type. "I really enjoyed it. Made me feel extra bad about that little situation with the dress shoes". Pickles (golden retriever). Pets and owners agree, petting a pet is more enjoyable than brushing a pet. However, the Groom Genie™ combines both. Its unique bristle design and pattern calms pets while it gently unravels knots in hair and fur. Each penetrating stroke of the Groom Genie helps to evenly pull natural oils through hair and fur for healthy skin and coat. Works its magic on any pet, wet or dry. Your pet will go from never wanting to be brushed to never wanting it to stop. "Totally amazing brush. It was relaxing and painless. Squirrel!!!" Rosie (golden doodle). Groom Genie™ - LG dog brush. Congratulations! You've just unwrapped one of the most magical pet grooming tools ever made. Our studies have shown that pets love being brushed after the first use of the Groom Genie™. The more you brush your pets, the healthier their coats will be and the less pet hair you'll find in your home. Because the Groom Genie makes brushing a breeze, you'll spend less time doing it each time. You'll make your pet and yourself happy. You'll make all your friends at Groom Genie happy too! Cleans with ease: The flexibility of our patent-pending bristles makes cleaning as simple as brushing. Hair and fur lift right out, and the brush washes in seconds. Light bristle color: Dirt, pests or dried blood are easier to see, alerting you to any potential problems your pet might have. Getting the most from your Groom Genie. Medium & long-haired dogs: Groom daily, especially during the spring and summer when shedding takes place the most. Short-haired dogs: Brush every two to three days for a healthy and shiny coat. Get to know your dog: In addition to the bond you'll build, frequent brushing helps you see that your pooch is healthy. Watch for bumps, excessive shedding, hot spots, bald spots, or anything else unusual about the fur or the skin and contact your vet if anything looks different than usual. Magic vs. miraculous: The Groom Genie works on stubborn knots and matted hair. But if your dog looks more like a bad hair life than a bad hair day, please start with a professional grooming and follow-up with regular Groom Genie magic. Calm is key: Brushing with the groom genie feels like a massage for your pet. Talk about serious bonding time. Unique paw shape: The unique shape of the Groom Genie makes it easy to hold when brushing your pet.