Kashi Go Lean Protein & Fiber Bar, Chocolate Peanut, Crunchy

This all-natural snack is the blissful combination of decadent chocolate and roasted peanut butter. And to help meet your daily needs, Go Lean Crunchy! bars contain a specific blend of nutrients, including calcium, folic acid and vitamin E. Kashi Go Lean Crunchy! bars are designed for an optimized glycemic response with slow release carbs to balance blood sugar, and protein and fiber to help you stay satisfied. Optimized Glycemic Response - Go Lean Crunchy! bars contain whole grains, nuts and slow release carbs to help deliver a steady stream of energy, helping you avoid sugar spikes and crashes. Protein 9 g - Go Lean Crunchy! bars are a good source of protein. Protein helps give you a lasting feeling of satisfaction and is essential for muscle development. Fiber 6 g - Go Lean Crunchy! bars are made with 6g fiber, which promotes a lower glycemic response and helps you stay satisfied. At Kashi, everything we create supports our belief that healthy living begins with healthy eating. That's why we created the Go Lean family of products with a unique blend of protein and fiber to help you stay satisfied, energized and committed to eating right! Exchange: 2 Carbohydrates & 1 Lean Protein Based on Exchange Lists for Meal Planning, copyright 2003 by the American Diabetes Assoc, and the American Dietetic Assoc.