Barney Almond Butter 8 oz

93% less fat (Per serving) than out smooth almond butter. 5 g protein (Per serving). 1 g fat (Per serving). 50 cals (Per serving). Non GMO Project verified. Made with naturally defatted almonds. Why unsweetened powdered almond butter? 93% less fat (Per serving) (Than our smooth almond butter). 37% fewer carbs (Per serving) (Than our smooth almond butter). 50 calories (Per serving). 5 grams per protein (Per serving). Expeller-pressed. Naturally processed. Certified gluten-free. Peanut free. Certified Vegan: American Vegetarian Association. Certified Paleo. Compare to our Smooth Almonds butter, fat has been decreased from 15 g to 1 g per serving; total carb. has been decreased from 8 g to 5 g per serving. Follow Us: Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Pinterest. BPA free. Made in the USA.