World Centric Bowls, 11.5 Ounce 20 Ea

Made from plants, not petroleum. For a better world. Non-allergenic. Certified compostable. 100% carbon offsets. Our offsets support socio-economic development but are not verified. We Turn Into Soil, Not Waste: We are made from unbleached plant fiber and are certified compostable. Please compost us in a commercial or backyard composting system (Appropriate commercial composting may not exist in your area. Please check with local officials. Not certified for backyard composting but may be composted in backyard systems) and we will turn into soil within 1-3 months. We also take less energy to make and produce fewer carbon emissions. By using us, you are reducing waste and taking action to make a difference. For more information visit We donate 25% of profits to social and environmental causes. 25% of profits donated. Certified B Corporation.