World Centric - For a better world. 24 ct utensils (8 each). Made from plants, not petroleum. Heat resistant up to 200 degrees F. Certified Compostable. 1% for the planet. 100% carbon offsets. BPI Compostable. Cert 1918104. Our carbon offsets support socio-economic development but are not verified. USDA Certified Biobased Product. Product 96%. We Turn Into Soil, Not Waste. We are BPI certified compostable and are made from 70% non-GMO corn and 30% talc, not petroleum. Please compost us in a commercial composting system (Appropriate commercial composting may not exist in your area. Please check with local officials. Not certified for backyard composting) and we will turn into soil within 3-6 months. We also take less energy to make and produce fewer carbon emissions. By using us, you are reducing plastic waste and taking action to make a difference. We donate 25% of profits to social and environmental causes. 25% of profits donated. Certified B Corporation.