Earth Friendly Oxo Brite, Non-Chlorine Bleach

Color safe whitener & brightener for laundry & stain removal. Natural oxygen power. Whitens & brightens. For standard & HE machines. Removes old problem spots/stains. Non-chlorine bleach. Oxo Brite is safe for colors, a non-chlorine bleach. Oxo Brite harnesses the incredible power of oxygen to whiten, brighten, and deodorize your laundry and fabrics. Oxo Brite effectively removes most organic stains. These features make Oxo Brite a natural laundry additive to be use with every wash load or a soak cleaner. Oxo Brite is very concentrated and powerful. Thank you for using our natural, non-toxic product. Each time you use our products, your are helping to maintain a healthier and sustainable home, lifestyle and environments. One by one, we can change the world and make it a better place. Let us know what you think, and tell your friends about us. Soak Cleaning: Laundry, bedding, problem spots & stains, soak up to 6 hours removes odors. Laundry/Spot Clean: Laundry - Color safe bleach, whiten & Brighten continually with every load, spot treat spills & stains. Stain/Odor Remover: Wine and juices, cola and coffee, Pet/kid accidents, urine, blood, vomit and feces, Mold and mildew stains, most organic stains and orders. Made in USA.