Reynolds Release Aluminum Foil, Non-Stick, 45 Sq Ft

10 yds x 10 in. - 45 square feet. 50% Wider. Reynolds Wrap Release Non-Stick Foil is perfect for your sticky food situations. Cook - Line pans with Release Foil. Foods lift right off, cheese won't stick. No need to grease or spray pans. Cover - Use foil tent to keep meat and poultry moist and prevent over browning while roasting. Freeze - Release Foil provides great protection against freezer burn, and there is no sticking or prying frozen foods apart. Grill - Prevent foods from sticking to the grill rack with Release Foil. Makes clean-up a breeze. Release Foil is a heavy duty foil. The dull side of Release Foil is the non-stick side. Use as you would any Reynolds Wrap Foil.