Crosse & Blackwell® Rum & Brandy Mincemeat Filling & Topping 29 oz. Jar

Once a British a tradition, Crosse & Blackwell® Mincemeat is a rich, aromatic & easy-to-use fruit filling made with raisins, spices and Pippin apples--an heirloom flavor not found in modern apple varieties. Crosse & Blackwell Mincemeat is a great topping on plain cheesecake or pound cake, finished with whipped cream. Accent a baked sweet potato with a spoon of Crosse & Blackwell Mincemeat topped with a sprinkling of cinnamon & roasted walnuts. Made with heirloom Pippin apples. Recipes: Classic Mincemeat Pie; Mincemeat Baked Apples. 140 Calories per 1/4 Cup