Ladera Granola, Immortal, Chocolate Almond

We're nuts about natural. All natural whole grain. No preservatives, cholesterol. At Ladera Granolas, we believe that nutrition is powerful. Immortal is our fountain of youth. Whole grain oats and almonds form the base, soaking up the full-bodied flavors and antioxidants of cocoa, maple syrup, and olive oil for an irresistible, rejuvenating sensation. They say cocoa is the food of the gods, so let this divine blend bring you one step closer to immortality! Be natural. We roast each batch at low temperatures to preserve the full-bodied flavor and all the health benefits of our carefully selected, all natural ingredients. Eating healthy has never tasted so good! Be sustainable. The health of our environment is critical for our wellbeing and future. At Ladera Granola, we continuously strive to lessen our impact. Our recyclable pouch is only the beginning, along with composting, recycling, and Partnering with environmentally conscious organizations. Be powerful. Our granola is designed to provide you with a sustained boost of energy throughout the day. Whether you plan to scale a rock face, tackle six-foot waves, or prepare for a grueling business meeting, Ladera Granola gives you the energy to rise to the challenge and perform at your best. Ladera Granola was born and raised in the kitchen of Karen Butterfield, a Stanford-trained medical doctor and mother of three from the small hillside community of Ladera in Northern California. The popularity of her recipe among family and friends inspired her son Brian to take the granola to market. Together, they set off on a mission to promote healthy diets, active living, and sustainable business practices with their very own granola company.