Bear River Valley Cereal, Cinnamon Trackers

All natural cinnamon sweetened whole grain wheat & rice cereal. All natural cereals. Family owned. Naturally made. Freshness saver resealable bag. 75% less consumer packaging than boxed cereals. For details, go to: No fake colors, flavors or preservatives. Simplicity tastes better every day. At Bear River Valley, we believe in keeping things simple, direct and wholesome. That way of life is something we apply to every bag of cereal that comes off our production line. We won't let anything get between our great tasting, all natural ingredients and your family. Feel good about breakfast. Here at Bear River Valley, and in other small towns across America, we work hard to give you your money's worth. We know our products are not a value to you if your family won't eat them. That's why you can rest assured that every bag of Bear River Valley all natural cereal is guaranteed to be fresh and tasty. We use honest ingredient - that's why our cereals are as wholesome and nutritious as they are delicious. We don't clutter up Bear River Valley cereals with artificial flavors, sweeteners or preservatives. That's the way it's always been here, and the way it's always going to be. Have some tree-spect. We believe that cardboard waste is just as bad as cardboard taste. Our cereals are packaged in resealable bags that lock in freshness with one simple zip. Why put a bag in a box if you don't have to? Your cereal will stay fresher, and we can do our part to keep a few more trees in the ground. We also purchase wind-generated electricity credits for 100% of the electricity used to produce our cereals. Why? Because it's simple common sense. Working with Mother Nature is easier than working against her. Keep your breakfast - and your life - simple by enjoying Bear River Valley all natural cereals. You and your family will enjoy the change of pace. Bear River Valley Guarantee: At Bear River Valley, people do the right thing. If you're not happy with the quality of this cereal, contact us. Terracycle: Make an eco-difference. This package can be recycled. Visit to find out more. Bag the We believe the bag is better. Learn why at Made in USA.