Sea Fare Pacific Tuna, Wild Caught Albacore, Jalapeno

Infused with jalapeno tuna. No preservatives. No fillers. Dolphin safe. West coast USA. Packed in its natural juices. Packed with omega 3 goodness. Once-cooked tuna. Most commercial tuna has been cooked twice to make processing easier, which unfortunately depletes much of the fish's natural, nutritional value. Our Sea Fare Pacific Albacore Tuna is prepared by hand at ice-cold temperatures before being cooked just once, preserving a home-canned fresh taste and 6 times (Once-cooked tuna contains 6 times more Omega 3 as compared to national brands of Albacore or white tuna.) more of the tuna's omega 3. So when you open this pouch you will simply find wholesome Albacore delight. Enjoy! Quality tuna you can trust. USA. Sustainable. Line-caught. G free naturally. Small footprint. BPA free. Certified sustainable fisheries. Wholesome & nutritious. Quick protein in every bite. No fillers or preservatives. Pacific caught tuna along the US coast are proven to have no mercury concerns (Multiple studies prove that Pacific caught Albacore along the US coast do not have mercury concerns). Jalapeno - If you like a little flavor, jalapeno tuna is a big hit right out of the pouch. Chopped jalapeno mixed with a little olive oil will pack your afternoon with plenty of protein and pep! The Pouch: Fresher than a can and better for the environment. Protective seal. Aluminum foil. Nylon barrier. Polypropilene lining: safe, BPA-free. Tell us what you think! At Sea Fare Pacific, we strive to offer the kind of quality you would only find in mom's home-canned tuna. We pack pure fish in an environmentally-friendly pouch. What do you think? For more information, visit