Marukome Miso Soup, Tofu

Since 1854. All natural. No MSG added. Authentic. From Japan's no. 1 miso company. Miso Secret: In Japan, a cup of Miso soup a day is what keeps the doctor away. And since 1854, Marukome has been helping people slurp their way to better health with all natural Miso soup that's rich in antioxidants, high in protein and low in cholesterol. Let's see an apple do all this. Marukome: ask for it by name. Since 1854, Marukome has been the leading Miso maker in Japan where today it enjoys a 20% market share. How do I say it? Mah-roo-koe-may. Why Marukome? We use only the best ingredients to make the highest quality Miso soup you can buy. Product of Japan.