GreeNoodle Noodle Soup, Instant, Shiitake and Soy Sauce

Made with moroheiya. All natural. Deliciously chewy! Great source of fibers & vitamin A. No MSG added. Non fried. Low fat. Vegetarian. Ready in 2-3 minutes. Each package contains approximately 15 moroheiya leaves. Mr. Sho Oga was a typical employee, working for a company in Japan which produced health supplements. One day, he had an inspiration to create a health food that was not only nutritious but enjoyably tasty and easy to prepare. His goal was to find a simple and effortless way for people of all ages to eat healthy. This lead to the wonderful creation of the moroheiya noodles. Moroheiya is a high nutritious vegetable that was prized by the Egyptians for its health and beauty benefits. The moroheiya used for these noodles is grown organically on IFOAM certified farm in Thailand. The noodles are carefully made using advanced technology in order to retain as much vitamins, minerals and fibers as possible. Moroheiya is a super vegetable that is more nutritious than spinach, carrots, or broccoli in most aspects (Source: Japanese Ministry). For more information and recipes visit Recycle. Product of Thailand.