Langers 100% Juice, Apple Berry Cherry 64 Fl Oz

Pressed from fresh whole fruit. 2 Servings of fruit (Each 8 oz glass is equal to 1 cup of fruit. The USDA MyPlate recommended a daily intake of 2 cups of fruit for a 2,000 calorie diet) per 8 fl oz. Sustainability: The best tasting juices start with, well, the best fruit. Doing our part for sustainable and responsible farming: As a California-based company, we are always conscious of the amount of water we use tool our crops. That's why, at our orchards in California's Central Valley, we capture the water released from our fruit during pressing and concentrating and use that water as a substantial part of the irrigation of our trees. We are committed to farming in a sustainable and responsible manner. The Langer Story: Growing up in the '50s, we drank fresh juice every day. Dad was our head juicer and we were his official tasters. Together, we discovered which fruits made the best-tasting juice and blends. Today our family keeps the same high standard. We taste every batch we make and the Langer name doesn't go on the label until we're satisfied the juice is perfect. With no added sugar (Not a low calorie food. See nutrition facts for sugar and calorie content) or sweeteners, the result is a juice like no other. Completely delicious and nutritious - just the way Dad taught us. Langers - it’s in the juice. Pasteurized. Please recycle.