Coffee Blenders Active Cup Coffee, Dark Roast + Workout Boost, Single Serve Cups

All natural. Functional. Maximize your workout naturally! 100% arabica coffee. 2.0: Compatible with most single serve brewing systems. 0 calories. 0 g sugar. With all natural AlphaSize 300 mg. It's coffee reimagined. Great flavor. Perform better! The Blend: Coffee Blenders sources gourmet quality, 100% arabica coffee. Hand-harvested from the mountains of Central and South America, we artfully blend our coffee in locally-roasted small-batches, ensuring consistency in each cup. The Benefit: AlphaSize is all-natural, alpha GPC extract. Clinical studies show consuming 300 mg of AlphaSize 1 hour prior to workout will optimize muscular power output, sharpen agility, and also delay mental fatigue (See website for details. Results will vary). The Tasting Note: A medium-bodied smokey blend, with a smooth finish. Sweet and spicy notes of clove with a touch of butterscotch. Enjoy an Active Cup before your workout, and reap the benefits of an explosive workout! Naturally promote athletic performance. To Learn More Visit: Coffee Blenders is the pioneer in functional coffee. We source gourmet quality, 100% arabica coffee from Central and South America. Active Cup is dosed with all-natural alpha GPC, supporting workout performance. In clinical studies, consuming 300 mg of AlphaSize delivers clean mental stimulation and focus that lasts throughout your workout! One passion. One hundred percent. One benefit. One cup. The power of one Coffee Blenders. The Power of One: One passion - Our consumer is the center of all we do. We add function to your daily grind. One hundred percent - Sourcing gourmet quality, 100% arabica coffee from Central and South America. One benefit - One serving of a clinically supported, all-natural functional ingredient in each cup. One cup - Where quality meets convenience in single cup brewing. This box is made from 100% recyclable materials. Please recycle this container. Made in the USA. Made in USA.