Gaiam Restore Foam Roller, Muscle Therapy, 18 Inch

Loosen tight muscles. Soothe soreness. Roll to a stronger you. 18 inch size ideal for double arm & double leg work. 15-minute How To DVD included. Includes: DVD; 18 inch muscle therapy foam roller. Work your way to your best self. Our bodies are amazing. They run, jump, dodge and warrior-pose through everything life throws at them. And sometimes they need a little TLC. At Gaiam, we know the importance of strong, healthy bodies. That's why our Gaiam Restore line has all the tools you need to prevent injury and rejuvenate to full-body healing. So you can stretch, massage, strengthen and flex your way to the strong, powerful, amazingly healthy person you were always meant to be. Gaiam Restore. Say yes to a stronger, healthier you. Muscle Therapy Foam Roller: Roll your way to a stronger you. Our Muscle Therapy Foam Roller loosens tight muscles to help improve mobility. Its 18 inch length allows for simultaneous double arm and double leg work to soothe soreness effectively. Muscle Therapy Foam Roller DVD: Learn how to use your Muscle Therapy Foam Roller with famed fitness instructor James D'Silva. The gentle massaging and stretching isolates and works every muscle, elongating and aligning the skeletal system. The simple, restorative routine helps increase range of motion, relax muscles, release tension and restore soft tissue. (15 minutes). Connect with Us: Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; Pinterest; YouTube. Soothe sore muscles. Loosen tight muscles. Made in the USA.