Birds Eye® C&W® Premium Quality Broccoli Florets 14 oz. Bag

Premium quality. Microwaveable. If you've never purchased C&W frozen vegetables before, we think that the first thing you'll notice is that our vegetables look better, have better texture and taste better than your usual brand. The taste has a sweetness that can only come from young, tender vegetables frozen right after being picked, the best that nature has to offer. To be certain that only the finest produce goes into every C&W package, we maintain the most stringent quality specifications in the industry. We take the extra time and spend the extra money to select the best of the crop-just as you do when you sort through the fresh product at your supermarket. And because C&W is a small independent, family-owned company, our hands-on involvement allows us to personally pledge to you, our customer, C&W's commitment to offer you only the finest frozen vegetables. After all, it's our unequalled superior quality that will bring you back to the C&W brand, time after time. At C&W we firmly believe that being a concerned corporate citizen is just as important as providing healthful frozen vegetables of superior quality. Product of Ecuador.