13 Foods Red Beans

13 Foods™ Red Beans. Sustainably family farmed. Delightfully delish. Goodness lives here. Rojo! Petite. Good source of protein. All natural, fiber friendly goodness. Easy peasy to prepare. Non GMO project. Verified. Great in soups, salads, toasted, roasted, and just about any other delectable recipe. Find more tasty inspiration at www.13foods.com/recipes. Our petite red beans know how to have a good time: Red beans never had it so good. Growing up in the pure, unspoiled surroundings of the Rocky Mountain foothills, the air is fresher and the soil chock-full of nutrients. Add to that the loving care from our local farmers who take great pride in this farm-to-table produce and it's easy to see why our yummy petite reds never want to grow up and leave the farm. Nice! So what does that mean to me Well, for one thing, because our red beans grow in an awesome, nutrient-rich environment, they just taste better. Plus, because of the way we grow, harvest and cook them, they retain so much more. More original shape. More delightful texture. More natural flavor. And, they are cooked for you. Boom! Who doesn't love that Gluten-free. Low sodium. Superfood. We love the earth, and it loves us back: It all starts with sustainable farming. "What is that" you say. Glad you asked. It's our way of partnering with local, family farms to grow healthy products that work with the environment. For example, did you know that legumes pull nitrogen (nature's fertilizer) from the air and put it back into the soil Crazy huh For us, it's all about putting nutrients back into the soil so that it stays healthy, happy, and fertile for years and years to come. 13:13 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. Learn more at www.13foods.com. www.andersonnorthwest.com.