Polska Foods Pierogi, Mushroom Cabbage

With fresh sauerkraut & caramelized onions. 100% all natural California Pierogi. 100% vegan. No preservatives. No added sugar. No trans fats. 2 grams fiber. Low fat. Freshly made and flash frozen. Makes 1 lb cooked pierogi. Can pierogi be healthy and delicious? Of course! Using Tomek's family recipes from Lubiechowa, Poland, we search for the finest, organic raw materials from sustainable sources. Our California pierogi is made from organic, unbleached flour from non-GMO wheat, and has absolutely no preservatives, MSG, or trans fats. Combining old world Polish recipes - the kind with thin, delicate pierogi dough stuffed full with savory fillings - with a proprietary blend of herbs and spices, experience a dumpling that melts in your mouth, warms the heart, and nourishes the body. In our vegan Mushroom & Cabbage pierogi, we use real sauerkraut - no vinegar. The natural fermentation of the sauerkraut gives our pierogi a smooth balance of sweet and sour. Slowly sauteed with carmelized onions, meaty crimini mushrooms, and earthy caraway seeds, enjoy the lush layers of flavors and the authentic taste of Polish home cooking. Heat and serve our pierogi with melted butter, carmelized onion, apple sauce, Polish sausage, sour cream, or whatever seduces your palate. Smacznego, Bridget & Tomek Piszczek (Founders). For more topping ideas, visit www.PolskaFoods.com. www.facebook.com/polska.foods.pierogi. Vegetarian - No GMOs - No preservatives. Product of USA.