CoolHaus Ice Cream Bars 3 ea

3 chocolate-dipped ice cream bars. Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream dipped in salted milk chocolate caramel & crushed pretzels. Architecturally-inspired gourmet desserts. CoolHaus Story: In 2008 we started making cookies & ice cream in our kitchen and naming the combinations after architects we loved to support our community. Soon after, we bought a postal van and converted it into an ice cream truck. Popularity grew quickly, and now we have a growing and sizeable fleet, storefronts, and have expanded our product line to include hand-dipped bars like the one you're holding right now! As fun as it is to chase down our trucks, now the truck can park in your home freezer! Inside you will find a gourmet, handmade dessert product just like we make them fresh out of the truck and our stores. - Natasha and Freya, Owners and Founders, CoolHaus. With our new ice cream bars, we sought to innovate the category with unique flavors and premium quality like we did with our ice cream sandwiches. To make this bar, we hand dip our refreshing real Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream in the finest milk chocolate we can get our hands on, and add a pinch of sea salt to get the signature savory twist we are known for. Then we roll this bar in all-natural pretzels. You won't be able to put this one down. Good thing there's 3 per box. Instagram at CoolHaus. Facebook: CoolHaus. Twitter at CoolHaus. N: all-natural. No HFCS: high fructose corn syrup. no rBST: bovine growth hormone. No AP: artificial preservatives.