Enlightened Keto Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Bars 4 ea

Rich dark chocolate ice cream. 1 g net carbs (10 g carbs - 3 g fiber - 3 g sugar alcohol - 3 g allulose = 1g net carbs per bar). Gluten free. 0 g added sugar (Not a low calorie food. See nutrition information for calorie and sugar content). Dessert should be a celebration, not a compromise! We're serving up all of your freezer aisle favorites, full of flavor and made with amazing nutrition. Light. Keto. Dairy-free. Fruit infusions. Cheesecakes. Dough bites. Made with real cream and zero net carb sweeteners, this is the dessert you never thought was possible on keto! Caramel Dark Chocolate Peanut; Mint Chocolate Chip; Vanilla Double Dough; Peanut Butter Chocolate. eatenlightened.com. Instagram. Facebook. Pinterest. Twitter. (at)eatenlightened. Explore more products at EatEnlightened.com. Keto: Caramel dark chocolate peanut; Mint chocolate chip; Vanilla double dough; Peanut butter chocolate.