Bibigo Dumpling, Pork & Vegetable, Mandu

Mandu is a distinct dumpling packed with Korean flavor. Thin wrapper and juicy filling. Chunky meat and vegetables. Share korean flavor. US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. Fully cooked. Pan fry ready in 8 mins. 9 grams protein per 4 pieces serving. Bibogo: Bibigo comes from the combination of the Korean word to mix (bi-bi-da) and English to-go to bring you the best of the both words flavor and convenience. Created by the no.1 food company in Korea, Bibigo's mission is to deliver a unique culinary experience to people around the world. Bibigo Mandu: Mandu [mahn-doo] is Korean dumpling. Made with a unique wave to hold in extra filling and flavor, bibigo's Mandu is juicy inside and crispy outside when pan-fried. One bite and you'll fall in love with bibigo Mandu! [Special Note]: bibigo's mandu are packaging so much flavor, you won't need dipping sauce. Enjoy the delectable pieces without the extra sodium! Visit us at Find and like us on Facebook(at)bibigoUSA.