Foodies Pumfu, The Original 8 Oz

Est. 2007. Incredibly versatile! Stir-fry, BBQ, breakfast scramble and so much more! Can be marinated, grilled, sauteed, baked, or even air fried! Ready to eat or cook. Pre-pressed (less excess water). Pumfu is minimally processed and appearances may vary. Different shades of green. brown and white specks and oil separation are all normal. What is Pumfu? What is Pumfu? A game changing, plant-based protein, made from organic pumpkin seeds. Pumfu is an amazing alternative to. Meat, tofu, eggs. Cheese and more! It has a mild nutty taste, a firm texture and it takes on flavor easily. Enjoy! Our Mission. We are committed to making high quality, delicious vegan products. This is our passion. No soy, no gluten and nothing artificial. We're all about clean ingredients and simple processing. Made with love from our family to yours. Woman owned. Family business.