Harmless Harvest Yogurt Drink, Non-Dairy, Harmless Coconut Probiotics, with Strawberries

USDA organic. Fair for life. Fair trade. Organic, Plant Based & Non-Dairy: A delicious blend of coconut meat, Harmless Coconut Water and live probiotic cultures to support digestive and immune health. 12.5 billion CFUs. Good source of fiber. Over 5 g of MCTs (natural coconut fat) for ready source of energy (Not a low fat or low calorie food). No thickeners, no stabilizers. Enjoy Harmless Coconut Probiotics for a happy and healthy belly. Harmless & Fair: Our Fair for Life certification means we are committed to fair trade and social progress. Contact us 347.467.0733. harmlessharvest.com. Please recycle. BPA free. Certified kosher. Fair for Life Fair Trade certified. Contains 55% juice. Organic. Certified organic by Baystate Organic Certifiers.