Clover Organic Farms Kefir, Organic, Summer Strawberry 32 Oz

Clover Organic Kefir is a delicious probiotic beverage, loaded with active cultures and enzymes to help promote a healthy digestive system. 1% low fat cultured milk. Grade A pasteurized. Homogenized. Probiotics. 10 traditional kefir cultures. USDA organic. American Humane certified. Clover Organic Farms Kefir starts with milk from small, family-run dairies on the North Coast of California. The temperate climate of the North Coast is an ideal environment for our cows; they have plenty of open pasture to graze, the freedom to live and grow in a humane environment under conditions and care that limit stress. This is guaranteed by the American Humane Certified program. Kefir is an excellent way to promote an improved wellbeing. Clover Organic Farms kefir has 10 traditional live and active cultures: S. thermophilus, L. bulgaricus, L. casei, L. acidophilus, B. lactis, L. rhamnosus, L. lactis ssp. cremoris, L. lactis diacetylactis, L. mesenteroides and L. delbrueckii. Our Kefir is a good source of protein, high in calcium and loaded with probiotics, which are beneficial microorganisms. We've added strawberries, an excellent source of antioxidants and vitamin C, to create a tasty, healthy-for-your-body beverage. Enjoy Clover Organic Farms Kefir in good conscience & in good health! Certified organic by Oregon Tilth. Visit us online at