Clover Sonoma Milk, Reduced Fat, 2% 0.5 Gal

Since 1916. No rBST (From cows not treated with r8ST. No significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rBST-treated and non-rBST-treated cows). Milk, The Original Superfood: With 11 naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, 25% of your daily value of calcium(per serving) and 10 g of protein (per serving), milk is a perfectly balanced, nutritious whole food! Calcium for strong bones. Protein to build muscle. Vitamin D to support the immune system. Dairy milk has more Protein and fewer ingredients Than any non-dairy beverage. Ingredients: Milk: 4 ingredients; 10 g protein (per serving). Almond (Based on leading Unsweetened Product): 11 ingredients; 1 g protein (per serving). Oat (Based on Leading Unsweetened Product): 12 ingredients; 3 g protein (per serving). Family farms are the heart of clover milk. At clover, we work with 30 sustainable, independent family farms with an average herd size of 400 cows, these are not factory farms. Pasteurized. Homogenized. Clover was the 1st Dairy to be American Humane certified. Since 2000. Zero tolerance of animal abuse. Safe environment for each animal. Extensive employee training. A herd health plan overseen by a veterinarian and nutritionist. Annual farm audits. Learn more: Aha Certification is only one essential piece of our Clover Promise. Rinse & Recycle: Learn more at Certified B Corporation. Clover cares: Our Values Are B Corp Values: Business have a responsibility to the planet. Employees deserve more than the bare minimum. Companies should be transparent and open. We donate at least 5% of our profits. To learn more, visit: